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Thousands of locations across the country are using lockers to drive more foot traffic to their locations.

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Industry leading experience with over 300 Million transactions & counting

Benefits of Hosting a Locker

Attract more customers to your business and grow your business

Increased Foot Traffic​

Drive foot traffic to your location from locker users

Drive Sales

Engage customers with promotions or specials

Revenue Share

Increase a new revenue source with revenue share oppourtunities

Compact & Easy Setup

Requires very little space, no internet required

Fast & Efficient Process

Average transaction takes ~10 seconds

Public Locker

Trusted by customers and organizations of all sizes



How much foot traffic should I expect at my store?


Foot traffic will vary depending on location. Some factors that will determine this includes: Area population, locker location, availability of lockers, and seasonal need. As we continue to build out our network and add more vendors you will see foot traffic increase. Right now you’re getting in early. Imagine being the only Bitcoin ATM or Redbox in your area when they first launched. That’s what you’re getting when you join our locker network early.


Will I be compensated financially for hosting a Locker?


We currently don’t compensate for hosting a locker. Exposure by traffic generated by customers of our locker network is a far greater value than we would be able to provide our hosts. 


We will be rolling out advertisements on our lockers over the next 12 months and at this point we will engage in a revenue share agreement splitting the advertising revenue 50/50.


How much space is required?


We only need a open space of height of 6.50 FT, width of 3.25 FT, Depth of 2 FT.


Do I have to provide internet access or electricity to the Locker?


No. Our lockers require no internet access and our battery powered.

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