New updates and improvements to Harbor.

Harbor Platform – v 05.07.2024

  • Remove delete endpoints from backend Set proper log levels
  • Edit: pessimistic mutation by default
  • App setting: list/show on click
  • App settings management
  • Visual feedback for sandbox env
  • Federation update: ignore system_id
  • Visual feedback for non prod env
  • Support for emergency token

Harbor Platform – v 04.03.2024

  • Show owner information for location and system
  • Hide User Id
  • Store invalidation
  • Enhanced list: add select column button
  • Fix debug mode switch

Harbor Platform – v 03.21.2024

  • Tower.tower_model filter
  • Update locker availability endpoint
  • Handle locker update event for emergency release
  • Add new api endpoint to request open specific locker
  • OpenLockerToken: tower filter
  • Request passkey only for active users

Harbor Platform – v 03.18.2024

  • Fix: When updating a locker within the tower view admin redirects back to lockers list
  • Key management improvements
  • Easy way to enter on show view
  • Make all entity links point to show view
  • Show view for federation, key, locker and reservation
  • User id filter for tower history on hal admin
  • Location list: make city, state and country filterable
  • Make tower detail data bigger
  • On filtered views, remove filter ui for fixed filter
  • Tower lockers easiest route
  • Add user_id column to tower history
  • Add sentry HAL-1305 Fix: Filtering by {towerId:0000000000000000} makes backend fail
  • Key management improvements
  • Fix: Key’s tower is not being shown on list or forms fix imports errors
  • User id filter for tower history on hal admin
  • CLI to add passkey to harbor admins
  • Parse markdow to html
  • Add tags and title to firmware schema
  • Location list: make city, state and country filterable
  • Backend Tower list endpoint take out retired Towers
  • Add user_id column to tower history

Harbor Platform – v 03.14.2024

  • Optimize processing ups reports
  • Package report raise box offline flag
  • fix analysis stats Endpoint to add tower to smart pickups
  • Notification endpoint crentios
  • Allow to request technician scoped token
  • Add version to sensor event Update linters and formaters
  • Add package reports dropoff ids

Harbor Platform – v 03.6.2024

  • Dev debug information
  • Show Location Name with Address
  • Locker edit: better ux for assigned user values
  • Location: make address 2 optional
  • remove locker create Fix default scopes in sdk tag sync commands for SDK fix function name typo
  • Add technician scope as default
  • Add new technician role
  • Move check_assignability validator to Locker Service
  • Add validation for scopes on deprecated login
  • backend/locker-statuses enhancements
  • do not send expired keys to towers
  • Calculate key.expires correctly
  • Change remote tower creation name fix data on remote locker request response
  • Add pending key to configuration tower
  • Base service before and after update hooks HAL-905 remove backend locker create
  • Add a global technician role and scope

Harbor Platform – v 02.27.24

  • base service use get for update & refactor avoid pull current window twice
  • Remove obsolete sensor app
  • Remove obsolete pickup reports

Harbor Platform – v

  • add to related reservations to migrations tower_id to nullable
  • script check full config *remove pylint config file
  • Make tower id not nullable *HAL-983: Add get tower lockers to connect api
  • Add access hours to location
  • Add filter location without active towers
  • write to dev kube
  • Add test flag to tower

Harbor Platform 02.20.2024

  • Release remote locker
  • Save locker request id for remote request
  • Fix error in get last locker name
  • Fixed tower.tower_id search

Harbor Platform – v 12.05.2023.1

  • Add version validation to sdk endpoint HAL-969:
  • Fix no deterministic test pipelines write to prod kube pipelines write to sandbox kube ignore pyc in docker builds
  • Consider not found open locker token HAL-895: Add location photos functionality
  • Add location photos functionality

Harbor Platform – v 11.13.2023.1

  • Update privileged endpoint and fix test
  • Add connect endpoint to edit tower data
  • Set pipelines to reuse scripts
  • Firmware releases endpoints


  • Sync available public lockers

Harbor Platform – v 01.04.2024.1

  • Retrieve reports from email
  • Generate historical package reports generate package reports improvements
  • Package reports. For packets signal
  • Create endpoint to get ups reports list
  • Big query sensor service
  • CLI to add location config data with bucket file
  • Store ups report from bucket

Harbor Platform – v11.2.23.1

  • New Feature: Manual pickup endpoint visible in the documentation
  • Improvement: Data management to update towers data from stored events.
  • Improvement: Add the privileged claim to the list of valid scopes

Harbor Platform – v10.19.23.1

  • Continued improvements to locker events
  • Add locker request id to webhooks
  • New location data fields
  • New locker request & restore functionality
  • Bug fix get towers by owner
  • Bug fix filter by location

Harbor Platform – v09.13.23.1

  • Improved management tower status for pre-deployment and retirement
  • Bug fix to signed token time management causing invalid pickups
  • Different tower models now can co-exist in the same location
  • Improved data management to track history and firmware versions

Harbor Console – Alpha Release

🚢 We are excited to announce Harbor Console – Alpha Release! New developer tool to manage your sandbox towers.

🔎 Realtime Tower Visibility: View and oversee your sandbox towers with details such as ID, location, and status.
🪄 Management features: Reset events, release lockers, and delve into tower specifics.

Firmware v0.10.8

Improvements in the management of multiple devices via Harbor Connect SDK, stack allocation, and error coding.

Firmware v0.10.7

Resolves an IO conflict that hinders the board from accurately reading the door state during boot.

iOS SDK v1.0.19

Enhanced Software Development Kit (SDK) for configuring the development environment and setting a base URL.