Satyam Farm Delivers Freshly Milled Flours to Local Communities with 24/7 Public Lockers

A local delicious flour-making business based in Saratoga, California. Pick-up dozens of flour products to you very easily and more securely.


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Satyam Farm is a family-owned business located in Saratoga, California. Their mission is to provide healthy, tasty, and freshly milled flours to local communities. The business started small, with a handful of customers who would come to the farm to pick up their orders. However, as their customer base grew, they faced a significant challenge in finding an efficient and scalable way to reach their customers.


Initially, Satyam Farm tried a door-to-door approach, where they would deliver orders directly to their customers’ homes. However, this approach was unsustainable and time-consuming, as it required Satyam Farm to travel long distances to deliver a few orders at a time. They then tried waiting for families at a central location, but this approach was also not scalable, as waiting for customers to arrive consumed time, and often, customers would not show up.


"I did explore different routes of delivery companies which can charge anywhere between 30% of your revenue, which is insanely high"

– Abhinav, Founder

Satyam Farm then explored delivery companies like Doordash and Uber Eats to partner with. However, these companies took a large percentage of their revenue, which made it challenging for Satyam Farm to operate profitably.


Saratoga, California

Serve local communities with high quality flour in a scalable and sustainable way without wasting time consuming efforts or reducing revenue.

Integrate method of business operations into an all-in-one smart locker application that allows customers to pickup at one central location 24/7.

An improved drop-off and pick-up experience with smart lockers helped increase customer satisfaction, retention, and profitability.



After a long search, Satyam Farm discovered Harbor Lockers, a 24/7 open public locker that allowed anyone to drop off and pick up items. This solution allowed them to place flour inside the lockers, and customers could pick them up at any time, making it convenient for the customers and efficient for Satyam Farm.

“I wanted a place where I can leave those packets of flour and people can pick it up”

– Abhinav, Founder

To implement this solution, Satyam Farm partnered with Harbor Lockers to place lockers in convenient locations throughout their delivery area. They created ordering process, allowing customers to select a locker location and time for pickup when placing their orders.


Since implementing the Harbor Lockers solution, Satyam Farm has seen a significant improvement in their operations. They have reduced their delivery time from 4 hours to just 30 minutes, and they can now serve 100 families in a short time. This has increased customer satisfaction and allowed them to scale their business, thus reaching more communities with their healthy, tasty, and freshly milled flours.

“I spent almost 4 or 5 hours, delivering to like 100 families, now I spend 30 minutes.”

– Abhinav, Founder


In conclusion, Satyam Farm overcome their challenge of providing access to healthy, tasty, and freshly milled flours to local communities by exploring and implementing innovative solutions like Harbor Lockers. This case study highlights the importance of finding creative solutions to business challenges and the benefits of leveraging emerging technologies to improve business operations.

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