Mandatory Harbor Firmware (FW) Upgrade & Controller Board Coin Battery Position Update + Replacement

Affected Product: Harbor Anywhere Locker

Firmware Affected: Versions prior to v0.10.8


This Field Notice aims to notify all Harbor Anywhere Locker customers about the essential firmware upgrade to version 0.10.8. Additionally, it provides a remedy for the controller board coin battery, which affects time clock accuracy in case of a power interruption.

Why Upgrade?

Harbor Controller Board Firmware Upgrade:

  • The v0.10.8 latest firmware optimizes the ability to manage multiple devices, thus simplifying the process and improving efficiency for developers and administrators alike.
  • Stack Allocation: Enhanced memory and stack allocation functionalities mean a smoother, faster device operation with fewer unexpected interruptions.
  • Error Coding: The new error coding system is more intuitive and informative, allowing for quicker troubleshooting and reduced downtime.

Controller Board Coin Battery Replacement:

  • We have discovered that the coin battery has been improperly installed onto the Harbor Anywhere Locker Controller Board.
  •  It is strongly advised to replace the coin battery within the controller board and ensure its proper positioning. This measure will ensure the precise timecode accuracy in the event of a power interruption.

How to Upgrade Firmware:

  1. Download Latest Firmware to iOS Device
  2. Use the Harbor Connect iOS App to connect to the tower.
  3. Establish a Technician Session using the Request Session > Technician buttons.
  4. Check in the console that there are no errors in the process.
  5. Use the Begin Firmware Update button.
  6. Input true to perform factory reset and firmware upgrade, wait until it’s completed (the green light on the board stops blinking).
  7. Reset Tower ID as standard protocol

How to Resolve Controller Board Coin Battery Issue:

Items required before starting:

  • New CR2032 Battery
  • Piliers

Repair Process:

  1. Remove the power source from the controller board
  2. Use pliers to remove the shield board from the main board
  3. Remove the existing coin battery from the board
  4. Move up 2 short gold tabs on positive (+)
  5. Place new coin battery with the 2 gold tab connectors touching positive (+) tabs
  6. Remount shield to main controller board (be careful on alignment of pins)
  7. Plugin Power Source
  8. Perform Factory Reset and  Tower ID as standard protocol

Support & Assistance:

Should you face any issues during the upgrade or have any questions regarding this notice, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at 

We understand that firmware upgrades can sometimes be inconvenient, but this particular update is crucial for maintaining the efficiency, reliability, and safety of your Harbor Anywhere Locker. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.