ESP 2 | Relai, Building Hyperlocal Communities. One Exchange Zone at a Time

In this episode, Van Tucker interviews Miles Mufuka Martin and TJ (Tracy Tann) from Relai, a company that builds applications for exchange zones.

They discuss how they met and started working together, the concept of exchange zones, and the evolution of their business. They also talk about their experience attending Home Delivery World and how they discovered Harbor Lockers.

The conversation covers the challenges they faced, the importance of the Harbor ecosystem grant, and their plans for expansion in Atlanta. They also provide an overview of their Shift, Merchant, and Shopper apps and share their social media handles.

Here are a few key takeaways:
Relai builds applications for exchange zones, making drop-offs and pick-ups easy and convenient. The concept of exchange zones was inspired by the idea of a relay race, where coordination and working together are key. Relai started with a low-tech solution using a form for delivery requests, but later transitioned to using lockers for more secure and convenient exchanges. The founders of Relai met during a summer program in 2019 and started working on the idea of Relai during that time.The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for contactless delivery solutions, leading to increased demand for Relai’s services.

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