Droplocker: Transforming Events, One Locker at a Time

Transform the power of secure bag storage and revolutionize the stadium experience for your fans with Droplocker by Luxer One. 


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Droplocker, a temporary storage solution powered by the Harbor Lockers, which allows for anyone attending events and venues to drop off any item inside a locker. Droplocker ensures 100% convenience in venues where bag policies restrict entry with certain belongings. Join the adventure as we will dive deep into the impact, challenges, and solutions that define what the Droplocker experience is truly about.


Prior to impacting customers, there have been several challenges Victoria and her team faced which primarily centered around technology awareness and adoption. Convincing venues the necessity of secure storage and overcoming logistical hurdles such as power and internet connectivity were paramount. Additionally, ensuring a seamless user experience while onboarding attendees was critical to driving adoption. While getting feedback from venue customers, Victoria explains,  


“I was noticing that a lot of customers' impression were, ‘I just want to get to my event and I want to get there fast’. With those observations we received, we quickly revamped the onboarding experience and cut the time in half by 50%.”

– Victoria Ortega, Product Manager at Droplocker 

Sacramento, California


Educating venues of the need for secure storage solutions with customer friendly connectivity and no on-site staff support.   


Use Harbor’s locker infrastructure so anyone can easily store belongings, improve venue operations, and easy growth expansion.

An new and improved customer experience with secure bag storage for all venues without the need for staff support.

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The solution to these challenges lay in Harbor’s headless lockers, which offered no power, no internet using seamless bluetooth connectivity. Using the Droplocker app, anyone with a mobile phone can communicate with Harbor’s lockers, providing instant access to store any item on any locker on the Harbor network. With no technical resistance, the Droplocker team and location host can easily request more and more lockers on end. This streamlined implementation process facilitated rapid expansion and widespread adoption. 


One of the biggest impacts Droplocker has made was its transformative effect on venue operations and customers. Before Droplocker, venues struggled with connecting solutions to customers with their no bag policy, leaving attendees to resort to unusual alternatives like throwing their  belongings away.  With Droplocker, attendees store items securely for a small transaction fee, enhancing the venue experience without requiring human resources to manage

“Droplocker allows us to provide a service and an amenity for these venues’ customers, so that they don't have to put their bag in a bush or throw it away or have to take an Uber back home to securely store their bag.”

– Victoria Ortega, Product Manager at Droplocker 



In conclusion, Droplocker stands as a testament to storing any personal belongings in the event space. By leveraging on demand lockers and addressing the fundamental need for secure temporary storage, Droplocker continues to revolutionize the event experience, paving the way for seamless, hassle-free attendance at venues nationwide.


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