Harbor Expands to Sacramento!


Here’s everything you need to know:



Why Sac?

The Luxer One Team is thrilled to announce the launch of the Harbor’s Public Locker Network in our own backyard. As the Original Smart Locker Experts, with over 16 years of experience as the #1 package management solution, we understand the value of incredible software and impeccable customer service. With over 8,500 lockers deployed across North America and recently reaching our 200 Million delivery milestone.


It is our goal to make our beloved city known as a place of innovation, safety, and ingenuity. By introducing Harbor by Luxer One Public Locker Network, we continue to raise the bar for innovation by adding businesses to our service and increasing the number of transactions with our lockers.



Why now?

We want to bring more security and peace of mind to our community as we cheer on the Kings and other local teams by providing a place for people to store items. With the help of storage lockers, local businesses can now better serve customers more efficiently. Popular use-cases of serving customers can be bag event storage, last-mile delivery, peer-to-peer exchange, and much more. 


The first app that will be featured on our public locker network to provide versatility is Droplocker. Droplocker is a public storage locker where you can drop, store, and share anything with anyone locally. Droplocker can be used for anything. From selling items on facebook marketplace to storing your belongings at an event, the use application for this is limitless. 


Try it out for free: https://droplocker.io/download/



Help us find locations

Next is helping us choose the right location in Sacramento! With our Referral Program, get $50 when you suggest a good location to store our lockers at. Happen to know a place?  Email us at partners@harborlockers.com



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