Harbor Launches its Ecosystem Grant Program


Harbor’s grant program of up to $50,000 allows developers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups to build the next locker-based applications and platforms as well as their business’s future.

The developer ecosystem grant of Harbor provides companies and various developers opportunities to build their business while maximizing the Harbor public lockers network. The grants reduce risks and let developers and companies focus on creating apps, marketplaces, and other relevant projects with a grant of up to $50,000.

Droplocker Item Storage located at Parkside Taphouse in Chico, CA

Mobile app developers, full-stack developers, technology early adopters, business owners, and developers of both start-ups and mid-sized companies are all welcome to apply for the grant.

Example applications that can be built on Harbor are last-mile package pickup, food pickup, product giveaways, event bag storage, peer-to-peer exchange, IT storage, local marketplace, and many more.

“We’re super excited to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators with Harbor being the catalyst of public locker infrastructure within the United States,” says Van Tucker, VP of Technology Partnerships at Harbor Lockers.

Harbor is now accepting grant application submissions for different time frames. However, often offer year-long grants for single developers. Those who need several developers for their project can indicate their needs in the application.

After receiving the applications, Harbor’s grant review committee performs thorough screening and assessment quarterly. Harbor loves to see initiatives that will take on its public locker network infrastructure to the next level.

The amount of grant to be awarded to lucky and deserving developers and businesses depends on the use case, marketing strategies, and stage of development. Through the developer ecosystem grant program, Harbor provides talented developers and entrepreneurs an avenue to grow their businesses while expanding our public locker network.

To apply and review all criteria to determine eligibility, please visit: https://harborlockers.com/ecosystem-grant/