Harbor Partners with Relai to Launch Exchange Zones in Atlanta to Empower People to Drop Off and Pick Up Items Hyperlocally

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Harbor announces its partnership with Relai to Provide Exchange Zones in Atlanta. Exchange Zones are convenient locations with secure compartments that let people pick up and drop-off items asynchronously. One area of focus for the startup is to utilize Exchange Zones so that local retailers can offer an alternative pickup tool giving shoppers greater flexibility to access items.

Harbor Lockers X Relai
Harbor Lockers X Relai

“Leveraging Harbor for hyperlocal access points is just one perfect example of how we can enable merchants,” says W. Tad Jenkins, General Manager of Harbor. “With our pay-per-use model, brands of all sizes are empowered to expand their reach, create unique customized experiences, streamline business operations and increase sales. Open access networks are the future of commerce and customer engagement.”

Atlanta is the first large market to have Exchange Zones. Exchange Zones can drive foot traffic, cost zero to set up and maintain, and they don’t need an outlet or internet making installation hassle-free.

“Bringing Exchange Zones to Atlanta is a great indicator of this technology’s growing interest and adoption,” says Miles Mufuka Martin, Co-Founder and CEO of Relai. “The future of commerce is accessibility and Harbor is helping create that future. Their commitment to providing convenient and flexible hardware gives us an opportunity to scale sustainably.”

In partnership with Harbor, Relai has launched Exchange Zones in multiple locations across the Atlanta area. If you’re interested in learning more about the Harbor Locker Public Network and the easiest way to implement lockers infrastructure and build locker experiences visit https://harborlockers.com/harbor-connect/.

About Relai
Relai is committed to creating hyperlocal infrastructure that enables everyone to do more locally. Innovating at the intersection of IoT, supply chains, commerce, and logistics, Relai introduced Exchange Zones to give people hyperlocal and on-demand access to store and share items asynchronously.