Meet Droplocker, a Mobile App providing 24/7 secure storage and available on the Harbor Public Locker Network

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Ever wanted to send an item to someone nearby, but just couldn’t figure out a way to get it to them? Maybe you were super short on time and just couldn’t find the perfect moment to ship the package or go to their house for physical delivery. Look no further, as an innovative solution to this problem ensures that you don’t have to worry about similar future issues. Introducing Droplocker, the one-stop mobile app for public locking networks!


So, What Does Droplocker Do?

Droplocker basically acts as your friendly neighborhood public locker — just find a designated droplocker near your location, drop the item off, and send a personalized link to your customer for pickup! You can also choose to keep an item in a droplocker for your own secure storage. Lockers are hosted in thousands of locations across the country, and Droplocker beta has recently arrived in Northern California. Sacramento and Chico residents, make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

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How Does Droplocker Operate Behind the Scenes?

As the first mobile application built on Harbor, Droplocker was built to demonstrate to the world what peer-to-peer sharing on the next level could be like. With Harbor being known as the catalyst for building public locker networks, Droplocker also acts as an invitation for other companies to create apps on top of Harbor by using API and SDK integrations.

At Harbor, We Transform Your Ideas Into a Reality!

Our team at Harbor is committed to the pursuit of technology as a way of promoting positive change and increased safety within businesses. Droplocker’s successful use of our public locking network system is only growing as we speak, with our smart locker network widening day by day. We can’t wait to see how other app developers and businesses forge their own paths toward innovation with Harbor!


To learn more visit our website to download the app today!